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This website is about my work as an economic advocate. By economic advocacy, I mean the use of economic facts in argument, whether the debate is in the media, a public policy forum like a legislative committee, in collective bargaining or before an arbitration hearing.

Economic advocacy starts with finding and analyzing numbers. Effective advocacy makes the arguments and the data that support them speak for themselves. That means presenting data clearly, explaining relevance to the argument, and making the point as clearly as possible.

Often I find the clearest way to make a point is with a picture or with a simple calculation, and on the opening page of this site, I’ll be showing examples of the kinds of pictures and calculations that emerge from the work I do.

The McGuinty Government claims to have begun to reverse the decline in public services under the Harris and Eves Governments. Since it took office, the McGuinty Government has increased social assistance rates -- Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP) and Ontario Works -- only once. The chart shows that the real value of social assistance benefits is lower now than it was when the McGuinty government took office. Inflation since the 2003 election has more than offset the 3% increase in the government’s first budget.

The government should be ashamed.


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