(Still) … time for an adult conversation about taxes and public services

Today’s headline in the Toronto Star — “Ontario businesses looking for balanced budget, tax cuts” reminds us yet again that, when it comes to taxes, budgets and public services, those who claim to be our leaders look at the world in a way that would embarrass a six-year-old. It is still time for an adult conversation about taxes and public services, prompting a republishing of the piece I wrote in 2009 that I hoped might get the conversation started.

Time for an adult conversation about public services and taxes

At the risk of insulting a generation of four-year-olds, it’s time we had an adult conversation in Canada about taxes and public services.

Most four-year olds have figured out that when you go to the store to get something you want, you have to be prepared to pay for it. 

Yet Canada’s political leaders and business interest lobbyists would rather spit nickels than admit this basic fact.

It’s a problem with all political leaders and parties – not just those I disagree with…

Read more at The Hill Times. The article is also available on the CCPA website.

Social Assistance

The McGuinty Government claims to have begun to reverse the decline in public services under the Harris and Eves Governments. Since it took office, the McGuinty Government has increased social assistance rates — Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP) and Ontario Works — several times. Yet as the chart shows, the real value of social assistance benefits is lower now than it was when the McGuinty government took office. Inflation since the 2003 election has more than offset the increases that have been implemented since.

The government should be ashamed.

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